Corporate mission and values


Platform of Belvneshrybtorg brand

Quality is of top priority, and we are to guarantee this quality.

During the period of its operation our company has made a material contribution to the development of fish industry, has implemented new product quality standards, has broadened the range of fish and seafood available in the market and has shown a superior level of service.

That is how we deserved the trust of our partners, customers and end consumers.


Principles of Belvneshrybtorg LLC

To import and manufacture quality products in accordance with market demands.

To respect business aims of our partners and customers and to assist them in reaching these aims.

To facilitate the development of professionalism among the employees of the company.

To improve ourselves together with our partners.

To set lofty aims the reaching of which shall lead to the development of the company in particular and the whole industry in general.

To develop close relationships with the partners for better understanding of their needs.


Mission of Belvneshrybtorg LLC

Our mission is to provide the market with quality products in order to increase the life level of the population and to gain the trust of consumers.

We implement this idea in close collaboration with our partners and customers that have the right to contribute to our business.


Values of Belvneshrybtorg LLC


To be the best we secure accurate functioning of all corporate systems. Due to this we are able to build up long-term and stable relations with our customers and guarantee the absence of any failures and crashes.



Long-term operations in the market helped us develop an optical product range that can satisfy any customer both in qualitative and quantitative terms.



Professional approach to the selection and education of our employees allows us to state that we only employ best specialists that act solely in the interest of our company and customers - bring in new ideas and offer demanded and top-quality products.



Each customer is for us not an entity, but a personality. Therefore we apply personal approach in all respects starting from the selection of the most efficient product range and ending with flexible pricing and services.



We’ve set four ourselves a very high level of quality assurance. This includes the products we deliver and manufacture, the documents we draw up, storage and shipping of the goods.



We know how precious time is - both our time and the time of our customers. That is why we strive to secure timely delivery of our products to keep the operations of our customers efficient.


Nature of Belvneshrybtorg LLC

We want our customers to enjoy partnership with us therefore we are friendly.

We want our customers to receive only the best and most desired products therefore we are always open for communication.

We want our employees to by proud of working with us therefore we support initiative, honesty, creativeness and professionalism.

We want out industry to develop in balance therefore we are always open for a dialog with our competitors.

We know that a long way starts with the first step and therefore we keep moving and improving ourselves.