Belvneshrybtorg LLC tries to keep pace with modern lifestyle and to find new ways to satisfy the needs of its customers. During the first years of its operation the company specialized in the delivery of sea and freshwater fish, but then started its own manufacture.

First of all the management of the company decided to extend the range of fish products. The price list started to feature cut and packed fish under the trademark “Ocean in a present”.

After that the company learned and implemented the technologies of poultry processing and manufacture, and this was the beginning of the second trademark, “Granny’s chicken”.

Today Belvneshrybtorg LLC works with the best suppliers of both seafood and poultry products. This guarantees that each item of the price list is distinguished by its superior quality, freshness, handy package and competitive prices. The latter is possible due the fact that the company acts as an exclusive importer of many enterprises.

Belvneshrybtorg LLC delivers imported and home-made products to any place in the country and in any required amount. The company’s own truck fleet fully complies with the requirements set out for the transportation of such products. That is why the company can guarantee necessary temperature regime, consumer properties and quality of the products during the whole period of transportation.