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Stages of development

Total amount of storage facilities was increased
The modern frozen products warehouse was built, the overall volume of which is 4536 m3
Расширение ассортимента
Product-line expansion
Now, we have an opportunity to make production in a large volume, wide range and in the shortest time possible
Акцент на качество
Emphasis on quality
HACCP food safety management system implemented
Ready-to-eat food production organized
Развитие производства
Development of production
The frozen fish, meat cutting, and poultry dressing departments were established
Разработана новая стратегия развития
Branching out into regions
Opening of a branch office in every regional center in Belarus
Обеспечение бесперебойных поставок
Maintenance of regularity of supply
Establishment of transport department
Obtaining a license for international transportation
Начало деятельности
Business operations launch
Frozen fish supply organization from Russian Federation and Baltic region
Presently, the company is a diversified enterprise with modern production, a well-established sales system, and the ability to deliver products to any point in the country and beyond.
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