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We love the product that we produce.

We only make products that we eat ourselves.

The purchase of raw materials is carried out under direct contracts.

Raw material purchases are carried out under direct contracts from leading world producers of fish and seafood.

The purchase of raw materials

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

A well-functioning logistics system and our own fleet of vehicles allow us to deliver fish from the port of Klaipeda or directly from manufacturers directly to the company's warehouse.

Own customs warehouse and customs control zone. Authorized economic operator of the third type.

AEO, customs warehouse

Quality Control


Laboratory test

Quality control of each batch is carried out in the state laboratory of Republic Unitary Enterprise "Scientific and practical center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for food".
At the intermediate stages of the technological process, quality is controlled in a specialized laboratory on the basis of the enterprise.


Working of HACCP
HACCP food safety management system was introduced and certified at the enterprise, which allows maintaining quality at every stage of the production process.


Quality control for compliance with EAC requirements as confirmation that products have passed all technical requirements and evaluation procedures for sale in the Customs Union zone.

Production automation

The company has modern equipment that allows increasing production volumes and ensuring the highest quality standards of products.

Production automation

Safety of the product

Safety of the product after release.

Warehouse facilities of LLC Belvneshrybtorg are certified by sanitary and veterinary services, equipped with modern refrigeration units with automatic temperature maintenance systems.

Operative delivery.

We deliver our own transport to any point of the Republic of Belarus on the next day after receiving the application.

Operative delivery

Chilled salmon

Taste and quality of the product.

Chilled salmon is delivered to production. Sea salt is used for salting, and natural smoking based on alder chips is used to produce smoked products.


We use vacuum packaging to preserve the taste and quality of the product.



Enjoy your meal!