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Initially, the main activity of the company was the import of fish and seafood to Belarus, subsequently the management of the company decided to develop its own production.

   From the first years of the existence of Belvneshrybtorg LLC, it was clear that to take a leading position in the market, we need to develop and boldly go forward. Initially, the main activity of the company was fish and seafood import to Republic of Belarus, later the decision of opening our own production facilities was decided. 

Belvneshrybtorg LLC

The first manufacturing which opened on Belvneshrybtorg LLC was frozen fish and seafood packaging. A new trademark  - "Ocean as a gift" was created, that includes individual positions for fish cutting and packaged products.

Ocean as a gift

After that, the company learned and implemented the technologies of poultry processing and manufacture, and this was the beginning of the second trademark, “Granny’s chicken”.

Granny’s chicken

Today, Belvneshrybtorg LLC works with the best suppliers of both seafood and poultry products. This guarantees that each item of the price list is distinguished by its superior quality, freshness, handy packaging and competitive prices. The latter is possible due the fact that the company acts as an exclusive importer of many enterprises.

Seafood and poultry products

In the course of its development, Belvneshrybtorg came to the foundation of its own poultry products manufacture. It was possible due to the collaboration with the leading poultry factories of the country. The company always follows the same principles in the area of quality (whether with fish or meat) and strives to maintain it on the top level.

The trademark “Granny’s chicken” was founded in 2012. However, even today, we can state that Belvneshrybtorg LLC is about to gain prominence in this industry. The products are being delivered to all regions of the country, and have obtained a considerable level of the consumers' trust.

The trademark covers chicken legs, chicken wings and filet, as well as complex sets for chicken soup and ready-to-cook sets for feeding domestic animals.

The company-owned truck fleet enables us to deliver the products in any amount to any place in the country with the preservation of all consumer properties.