Red fish processing

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Only chilled fish from Norway is used in production. For transportation, the fish is packed in foam boxes and poured with crushed ice.

Production stages:

  1. After passing the quality control, the fish is released fr om the packaging and sent to the automatic washing line.
  2. The next step is filleting: the fish is loaded on the production line, wh ere the fillet is automatically separated from the ridge.
  3. Next, the cut fish enters the trimming area. Here, the fillet is mechanically cleaned from the costal bones, fins, loam and a layer of subcutaneous fat.
  4. Then the fillet is fed into the salting and ripening area. Special recipes, proven by many years of experience, allow you to get an impeccable taste of the product.
  5. The finished fillet is delivered to the portioning area. A high-precision slicer with three-dimensional laser scanning is used to get the pieces of required weight.
  6. For product packaging, advanced vacuum technology is used in production, which ensures stable preservation of product quality throughout the entire shelf life.
  7. The final step in the process is product labeling. The packaging is marked with technical and advertising information.