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Acceptance of raw materials for meat production takes place under the strictest quality and safety control, with the participation of technologists and veterinary-sanitary services of the enterprise.

The manufacture of semi-finished products in meat production is carried out in accordance with all regulations established in Belarus.

Pork and beef are cut and packaged in accordance with СТБ 1020; poultry is cut and packaged in accordance with СТБ 1945.

Raw materials are sent to the production warehouse, from where it is supplied to the workshop for cutting and deboning *.

* Boning - a type of processing of raw meat, during which muscle, connective and fatty tissues are separated from the bone contents.

After deboning, the products are packed in consumer containers (trays or vacuum bags), weighed and marked on automatic equipment, from which they are delivered to the freezing chamber. Ready-made frozen semi-finished products are formed in pallets and sent to the warehouse.