Salting, Smoking and Dry-Cured Fish

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First, frozen fish enters the defrosting area. For smooth defrosting, an automatic supply and circulation of air flows is organized in this area. Here, temperature control is carried out, both in defrosting area itself and in the body of the fish.

Defrosted fish is washed with running water that has gone through several cleaning stages. Then the process of cutting fish occurs, after its completion, the raw materials are sent to salting.

Salting of fish is carried out according to special recipes. The brine of the required density is prepared. The density of the brine is measured by a hydrometer. A product passport is issued for each batch of products indicating the following information: brine density, date and time of salting.

The technological process of salting lasts from several hours to several days, depending on the type of fish and the density of saline. Then, salted fish is packaged in consumer packaging, placed in transport boxes and sent to the warehouse.

Also, smoking and drying of fish is carried out in the plant. Before being sent to the smoking or drying chambers, salted fish is strung on a ramrod or laid out on metal nets.

The duration, temperature of the smoking and dry-curing process are regulated by the process engineer depending on the type of fish and the technology used.

* When smoked on alder wood, the fish acquires a golden hue, pleasant aroma and unique taste.

After completion of smoking, the fish cools in the smokehouse for 60 to 120 minutes. Then the product is sent to the packaging site.

The cooked fish is weighed and placed in cardboard boxes, shifting with parchment paper *. Other packaging technologies can be used in production for the packaging of smoked and dried fish: vacuum packaging and skin packaging using Dar-Fresh technology.

* Parchment paper is a special type of thick paper that does not leak moisture and grease.

The final step in the process is product labeling. The packaging is marked with technical and advertising information.